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JIS X 8341 Compliance - Japan web accessibility

JIS X 8341 Compliance - Japan web accessibilityStandard for Web accessibility in Japan: JIS X 8341

JIS X 8341: Guidelines for older persons and persons with disabilities - Information and communications equipment, software and services."

This Japanese Industrial Standard specifies requirements and recommendations for making accessibility settings accessible for users including older persons, persons with disabilities and persons with temporary disabilities.

The Japanese government has been developing infrastructures and services for electronic government since 2001. One of the challenges identified in this regard is to ensure "accessibility" or to enable everyone, including the elderly and those with disabilities, to access the infrastructures and services of an electronic government.

In 2004, the JIS (Japan web accessibility) X 8341-3 was issued as Web accessibility standard in Japan. It is expected to function as a basis to ensure the Web accessibility of the electronic government in the central and local governments in Japan.

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