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One of Nine

On behalf of myself and the "One from Nine" Association, I thank you very much for your valuable contribution to making the organization`s site more accessible during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
When the Reuveni Pridan advertising agency approached you, you immediately and without hesitation, with full volunteerism – agreed to assist us, this cannot be taken for granted.
All along the way you were courteous, patient, pleasant, agile and impeccably professional - and we thank and appreciate this very much!
The Accessibility you provided for the site, which dealt with such a sensitive subject, is critical to minor the gaps of lack of access to information for women with disabilities. The service you have provided, voluntarily and lovingly, has allowed us to raise awareness of the importance of early detection of breast cancer among these audiences and thus perhaps save lives.

I Invite you to continue to be our partners in every way,
Regards and appreciation,
Sigal Ratzin, CEO of "One of Nine"
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