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Web Accessibility Consulting

EqualWeb offers one-time free web accessibility consulting sessions. Whether you were served with an accessibility lawsuit, have questions about our compliance plans, or are having trouble deciding what the best web accessibility solution is for your business—we are happy to talk with you. Take advantage of our specialists’ expertise and schedule a consultation meeting, no strings attached.

Why accessibility consulting?

  • Specify your organization’s needs
  • Connect with the best web accessibility minds
  • Learn about web accessibility
  • Learn about litigation risks
  • Maintain ADA & WCAG 2.2 compliance
  • Improve marketing ability
  • Prevent potential errors in website design
  • Prepare for accessibility adjustments in website planning
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It’s not just about not getting sued. It’s about welcoming the people you care about.

Specialized accessibility legal consulting

Discovering the right accessibility compliance standard for your website is made easy with EqualWeb. Our innovative solution offers comprehensive web accessibility solutions to help businesses achieve and maintain compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and other relevant standards and regulations.

At EqualWeb, we provide specialized expertise consulting services. Whether you’re developing a new website, an app, or redesigning an existing digital property, our accessibility consultants are here to support you throughout the process, ensuring WCAG compliance and inclusivity for all users.

In addition, we offer specific web accessibility legal consulting, such as ADA consulting and AODA consulting, to help you make your digital space accessible. Our ongoing accessibility testing ensures your website meets the necessary standards and guidelines. Trust EqualWeb to navigate the complexities of web accessibility compliance and make your digital presence fully inclusive.

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Our team can devise a customized consulting package

  • Build a Web accessibility business plan
  • Develop internal policy
  • Create a culture of accessibility
  • Define custom accessibility standards
  • Review all products for accessibility compliance
  • Provide support in implementing EqualWeb’s remediation tool
  • Formulate web accessibility statements for your site
  • Streamline website design or redesign process
  • Integrate procedures into the entire project life-cycle
  • Troubleshoot design and development issues
  • Suggest custom coding for complex adjustments
  • Educate existing content, design, and development teams
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Consult a web accessibility expert today!

Let us streamline your path to accessibility compliance and ensure a more inclusive digital presence for all.

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Don’t lose out on valuable customers

Web accessibility is a hot topic these days and for good reason. Websites are often the first point of contact between an organization and potential customers or clients. Ensuring that the website is accessible to everyone means you’re opening your doors to everyone, including those who speak other languages, for instance.

Web content should be easy to read on any device (including mobiles or iPads), and there should be no barriers to using the website—whether when navigating through dropdown menus or accessing buttons. Upgrading a website is a valuable investment. Our team of accessibility experts will analyze consumer behaviors, making sure that every headline, page, and image is designed to increase user engagement.

Each element is tailored toward the user, leading to conversions and revenue for your organization. Adding accessibility consulting to the mix ensures that your website is fully optimized not just for your desired conversion, but for each unique user and his or her needs.

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