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The EqualWeb Partner Program

If you are in the business of web building, designing, and supporting people and organizations to improve their accessibility, we want to talk to you! We welcome agencies, resellers, freelancers, web developers, and others to commence a long, lasting, and mutually-beneficial partnership with us.

The most powerful and reliable web accessibility solution is at the tip of your fingers. As partners, we will help you expand your business via our incredible technology.

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The EqualWeb Partner Program

Help your clients achieve
ADA compliance & accessibility

Your clients will appreciate taking care of compliance and web accessibility demands, which potentially increase the website’s traffic. With our services, you can help your clients meet ADA standards and WCAG 2.2 guidelines for web accessibility, in no time. This is a requirement by law and a growing business demand that comes with revenue benefits.

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The solutions your clients can trust

These are the products and tools that will make your client’s websites accessible

Powerful AI remediation for all
sizes - small to huge websites
Powerful software scanning tool to identify accessibility issues
Free real-time ONE PAGE scanner extension to use on browser
Real-time browser plugin scanner of entire websites
Hybrid solution with Auto AI and
manual remediation by experts

Set your clients on a path toward web accessibility

EqualWeb offers a limited set of first-rate web accessibility solutions that are trusted by tens of thousands of clients, from small businesses to nonprofits and Fortune 500s. The combination of powered AI technology, a fully customizable remediation strategy executed by our certified experts, and robust auditing tools establish a cost-effective and innovative solution for the problem of web accessibility and compliance requirements.

The blind, the visually impaired, those with auditory disabilities, those with cognitive impairments, and the elderly are all people with needs. Catering to these needs is our obligation as a progressive society conscious of social justice and equality. Helping out this group is the least we can do.

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Web accessibility

  • For people with disabilities
  • Welcome more users
  • Avoid lawsuits
  • Enhance reputation
  • Its the future!
  • It’s the law
  • Increase revenue
  • Inclusivity & diversity

White Label with customized
interface, logo & 40+ languages

Offer our expert-designed Auto AI Accessibility Widget to your clients with your own branding. Leverage our years of engineering expertise and collaboration with users with disabilities to provide an automated tool that remediates up to 95% of accessibility issues almost immediately. Add your own logo and links to share with your clients as your specialized offering.

Image of accessibility widget Image of accessibility widget Image of accessibility widget Image of swatches Image of flags and talk bubbles White Label with customized interface, logo & 40+ languages

Trusted by partners from all over the world to deliver first-rate web accessibility and compliance solutions

Who can apply for the partnership program?

If you meet one of the following criteria, contact us as soon as possible so we can begin growing, together

Apply if you`re a

  • Web development agency
  • Web design company
  • Accessibility consultancy
  • Law and compliance firm
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & PR professional
  • User experience specialist
  • Marketing research provider

Partnership benefits

  • Educate your team to understand your clients better
  • Implement better solutions for your clients
  • Utilize our easy, first-rate solution
  • Lower your overall costs of development
  • Improve client satisfaction
  • Expand your client`s consumer base and participate in their success

Partnership options

  • Refer your clients to our automated solution
  • Receiving commission on every conversion
  • Sell our solution at a discount
  • Collaborate with us to provide consulting or training events
  • Provide solutions with your company`s branding
  • Protect your own website with a free license

Web agency? Web developer? Let’s grow, together.

Do the best for your clients and we will do the best for you. Contact us to get the best offers directly from the VP Business Development & Sales.

Thanks for an amazing product. Equalweb solution is clean, simple and efficient. the product looks nice on your website and customizable and the service is excellent.
Look of website and effective accessibility.

Verified User in Retail

The only company which offers a 100% compliant solution.The support was great, they answer very fast and in a helpful manner, they truly understand accessibility.
Their widget has tons of features and allot of different languages to choose from,Their premium solution is Manual + Automatic combining the best of 2 worlds, it took them them less then 30 days to make our site 100% compliant.
Didn`t find any thing which I didn`t like.
Saving us time and money by making our website 100% WCAG 2.2 AA+ compliant. Manual and combined AI - offering the benefits from both worlds. They also have an online dashboard which lets you design your own widget and receive statistics. No change was made to our sites original design.

Niri L.Owner

best solution i found!
customer service is by far the best quality. besides that product works flawlessly
Review collected by and hosted on complete ADA compliance for website accessibility.

Verified User in Sports

Easy to implement, real people available.
Answered quickly to our company needs, real people not bot behind customer service, open to find a solution that fit for our business (big dimension). Grant accessibility for all our websites, providing automated updates and avoiding us to go in to much techincal needs. Find a payment solution in line with our Company needs.

Verified User in Furniture

Great solution which doesn`t require any coding. The widget has a lot of features. The EqualWeb team is always available to help. Great service. We were able to make our website more accessibility compliant with help of Equalweb. Their support is awesome.
Victoria Y.
Web Developer

Extremely easy to setup on WordPress sites. Support is great.
It is very easy to set-up and use. The follow up from Support is very fast.
We need to file a yearly report to national authorities about the accessibility status of our site.

Angelo Q.
Software Architect

The easiest and the best accessibility tool on the web.
Equalweb accessibility tool Implementation takes 2 sec. It also has many features that will include all AA requirements, which will probably fit most of the websites. we tried many other options, especially the free once, but nothing to compare.
Review collected by and hosted on

Websites need at least AA support for accessibility users; Equalweb developed a very good tool for implementation that doesn`t require the website developers to support accessibility by themselves.
Verified User in Computer Software

Equalweb is very easy to set up and implement. The free version also offers good tools. It works well on the most essential sites. Equalweb allows all visitors equal access to web resources and content.
Chamsa A.
Marketing Manager

Great idea, great execution!

Digital producer

Great idea, great execution!
Works across many devices and browsers, saves alot of time testing, means we can focus on accessibility in other areas.

Empathy M.
Digital producer

The comprehensive guides and accessibility statement template offered by Equalweb make using the tool easy to use. The reports are very helpful, too. I`ve tried others and Equalweb is the best.

Susan M D.

Marketing Consultant/Mentor to Emerging Entrepreneurs

"A beautifully designed piece of software with comprehensive accessibility functions"
What do you like best about Equalweb?

The beautiful design and its ease of integration. I was surprised at how easy it was.
Ben S.
Business owner - ecommerce store

Equalweeb has developed a great and easy tool; but they are also constantly helping companies when facing lawsuits, providing feedbacks and proof of accessibility.
I don`t t think it is really linked to Equalweb itself, but the laws are constantly changing and your website can`t be 100% compliant, so you can still be taken to court even though you are compliant.

Rudy R.
eCommerce Director

I like how Equal Web provides an easy way to ensure that my website is ADA-compliant. It has provided me with an easy-to-use plugin in WordPress, which has taken the guesswork out of setting up permissions. Review collected by and hosted on

I did not have any specific issues regarding using its services as it provided an easy way to comply with legal services but the ui could be improved in certain places. It works great though for everything we need it to do.
Connor U.
GM and Salesfloor Associate

We have not gotten any questions regarding accessibility after installing equal web. We love how easy it is to use for our customer base, which is usually women over 40. Review collected by and hosted on
What do you dislike about Equalweb?

The only downside for us is the price. It`s a fair overall price for its service, but for a new website like ours, it`s hard to keep the expenses down as we get settled in. I`m sure it will be worth it in the long run as it makes it easier for some customers to browse our website. We have been using the free version, which has been great so far.
Andre A.

As a small business owner, where everything falls on my shoulders, it`s terrific to use products that make my life easier and reduce my stress.
When I heard that my website needed to offer accessibility options for my visitors, I researched a few different options.
Based on the robust features of EqualWeb, I decided to try them and see how they looked on my site and how easy it was to use.
The installation was a breeze. I was prompted to customize each aspect of the program and, once completed, was given a snippet of code, which I passed to my website team.
They added the code, without issue, and I was up and running.
The result is pretty spectacular. When you click on the tab, a large array of choices are offered the visitor to enable them to interact with my website, no matter what challenges they have.
I highly recommend EqualWeb to remove the burden of compliance, while adding a beautiful, full-featured addition to your website and business.

Mark K. Owner

Its easy and configure and implement, and it has all of the features that the average person with accessibility needs requires. It has a pleasant interface that yet remains very accessible. I, however, like it most because it has a free tier where you could try it out, and if it covers your needs, leave it as is until you need to upgrade. I chatted with their lovely support agent, who also described why their product is suitable for governmental websites (which was the project I needed).

Rihards S.
Managing Director

EqualWeb is an outstanding ADA compliance platform for websites. It is user-friendly, efficient, and reliable. The platform is easy to use, and the customer service team is always available to assist with any questions or concerns. The platform provides a comprehensive set of tools to ensure that your website is fully compliant with the latest accessibility standards. The software scans your website and provides detailed reports on any issues that need to be addressed.

Rihards S.
Managing Director

We wanted all our apartment websites to be accessible to people with disabilities and meet all Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.2). After reviewing half a dozen other services, we chose EqualWeb. Their responsive customer service, cost-effective solutions, and fast implementation process made it possible for our company to add their accessibility widget on all our apartment websites in only a few weeks. We highly recommend their services. Thank you, EqualWeb.

Best Regards, Windell Mollenido | Director of Marketing

After a comprehensive search of accessibility providers and meetings with several suppliers, we decided to choose EqualWeb. We have been working with EqualWeb for 5 years.
Every innovation development project, EqualWeb do the accessibility work for Super Pharm sites. The accessibility work is always done in a professional and courteous manner.
Thank you for your wonderful service and for future collaborations

Michael Mitrani
Super Pharm

We looked for a leading supplier to make WCAG 2.2, ADA compliant adjustments to our websites and we chose Equalweb Digital Accessibility. Without the need for any changes to the website or adjustments by the programmers. We received a fully accessible site in a month and we are very satisfied with the ongoing services, Thank you EqualWeb


More Details

The Estée Lauder Group of Companies has 4 large brand E-Commerce sites: Bobbi Brown, MAC, CLINIQUE, Estee Lauder. we checked a lot of companies and selected Equal Web to lead the accessibility project to all of the company`s web sites. The accessibility project was carried out in the most comprehensive and professional manner with EqualWeb`s solutions.
Estee Lauder

More Details

This Guys are great! I got great service and fast installation instruction. The Accessibility mission was done quickly. The Accessibility law in my country make me implement the accessibility solution fast.

Marketing and Advertising

Partner is a communication group in ownership of many internet sites, a fact which poses a challenge when selecting accessibility solution. We examined the existing solutions in the market, with emphasis on quality, visibility, speed of development, operation and price, we chose Equal Web. The process was smooth, fast, and we realized we have made a smart choice.

More Details

We chose Equal Web after checking many Accessibility providers, to lead the entire company’s websites accessibility project. We are very satisfied with our choice and continuing to work with EqualWeb to maintain and keep our websites WCAG compliant. We are pleased to have chosen Equal Web company to lead the web accessibility project for all our websites.

More Details

After a month of independent development and the programmers inability to deal with the new law and WCAG 2.2 Requirements. The alternatives in the market were lacking in cost-effectiveness configurations and then through another supplier I was exposed to Equal Web. I understood that this is the winning horse for making all of our websites ADA compliant.
Shlomo Sixt

More Details
Free 15 minutes with accessibility specialist - ask me anything, no strings attached