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Website Accessibility Professional Consulting

January 09 , 2018
The new accessibility rules present a complex challenge even for experienced website owners. Not everyone is well-versed in the intricate laws and regulations, schedules, level of required accessibility and its efficient implementation.
We at EqualWeb offer you a professional and thorough accessibility consultation, which includes a detailed examination of your website, running an accessibility survey for each webpage, performing external checks and third-party inspection, and providing a complete accessibility solution for your website, in full compliance with the conditions of the Accessibility Standard.

A Professional and Dedicated Service
With EqualWeb you may be sure you will get the most dedicated professional counselling and assistance, throughout the characterization stage, the launch and the implementation.
Our accessibility consultants are highly experienced in website accessibility and project management, and they will provide you with an efficient and effective service, at every stage of the process.

The accessibility consultation consists of several stages:
  • Characterization and general examination – a preliminary examination conducted to obtain a general overview of the website and its level of accessibility, checking the code and the extent to which it complies with the accessibility standard.
  • Possibility to receive a comprehensive accessibility solution for your website, without interfering with your website`s source code.
  • Counselling services and preparation of a detailed accessibility report for your website.

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