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Web Accessibility Audit

Audit your site

EqualWeb offers the best auditing option in the market, providing a thorough, detailed, comprehensive, and practical Web Accessibility Evaluation Report of your website; and the best part? It’s FREE.

All you have to do is test your website below, and we will send you the report with your compliance score against ADA and WCAG standards within a few days.

You will not get a better Web accessibility audit anywhere else. Guaranteed. Begin your road to compliance with EqualWeb’s audit.
Accessibility Audits

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Whether you are planning a new website or app or redesigning an existing digital property, we are here to guide you through the process ensuring the final result is compliance with WCAG 2.1 standards
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What is an accessibility audit report?

An accessibility audit is a monitor scan of your website for accessibility issues.

Many website owners think their Web pages are accessible to people with disabilities. However, most websites are wide of the mark from meeting required standards, putting businesses at risk of litigation.

One reason for this is that technology constantly changes and becomes more advanced, enabling greater accessibility for special-needs users. Secondly, lawmakers amend laws and regulations in order to keep up with the ever-progressing technology and Web accessibility standards.

An accessibility audit report helps you discover where you stand in terms of meeting legal compliance standards and just how accessible your website really is.

Our WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) monitoring technology evaluates the accessibility level on your website, demonstrating the accessibility gaps with and without EqualWeb.
Full Accessibility Audit

What you get with EqualWeb’s audit report

EqualWeb’s Web Accessibility Evaluation Report includes:
  • Overall compliance score
  • Number of errors
  • Number of errors fixed with EqualWeb
  • List of guidelines for WCAG 2.1 issues against Success Criteria (Levels A and AA), with descriptive information and particular scores for every issue
  • Issues by pages

Our goal is to help you achieve WCAG 2.1 AA conformance, the international industry standard, and be accessible and welcoming to all users. By testing your website with EqualWeb’s audit you’re making your first step toward full regulatory compliance and WCAG 2.1 conformance.

Auditing helps to achieve 2 things:

  1. Knowing if your website is compliant with the accessibility guidelines which are outlined by WCAG 2.0 and ADA and Section 508 standards; as well as other related requirements such as providing alt text versus blank image text, making sure all links work correctly, including graphical button-like hover tabs, adding appropriate keyboard navigation, input labeling, etc.

  2. An opportunity for web developers to learn how these protocols can be followed when working on new templates and content, making your website more accessible by implementing basic accessibility rules.

Why is it so important to audit your site for accessibility?

The diversity of people with various needs visiting your site from different countries should not be ignored when making decisions regarding the design, development, and marketing of your website.

Users with disabilities visit websites as any other web visitor, however, more often than not they won’t be able to gain access to all of your content. The purpose of an audit is to objectively measure what accessibility features are missing from a website, or which accessibility features can be improved.

An example might be a site that no longer includes visible content (which may be presented as “content hidden” in a screen reader), truncated text, blocks of text that cannot be focused on with the mouse, and any other number of errors or deficiencies.

The audit’s results will require more complex technical fixes (such as CSS overrides) in order to make all pages fully accessible. A company’s efforts to improve its website accessibility should not stop and be continuous to ensure accessibility compliance, as it’s essential to keep monitoring and fixing accessibility errors to improve your users’ browsing experience, regardless of capability or disability.
Full Accessibility Audit

The perks of Web accessibility

By focusing on prioritizing the most critical accessibility issues first through an accessibility audit, changes can be incorporated faster and at a lower cost (since mistakes need to be corrected only once).

Did you know that Google renders website accessibility priority in search engine optimization? Site owners may not realize it but website accessibility helps them rank higher on Google Search Engine results pages. Google’s algorithm for website accessibility has been updated and now takes website accessibility standards into account.

A website with a clear, accurate, easy-to-navigate interface can help meet accessibility regulations, build credibility and trust with customers—and, consequently, strengthen customer acquisition. Businesses that put the effort into accessibility gain visibility within an expanding minority market of potential consumers who are recognizing that these products make sense for them as well as helping to level the playing field for all by improving inclusion and equality on the Internet.

EqualWeb’s powerful monitoring technology

The audit operates via our state-of-the-art AI monitoring technology. As stated above, we are unashamed to state that it is the most comprehensive, robust, and powerful accessibility tool out in the market today.

By using our accessibility monitor consistently (which is one of the option plans you can get with EqualWeb), website owners are able to ensure their website is up to the latest international accessibility standards.

Providing users with the latest accessibility standards opens your product and services to a wider audience, protects you from liability, and enhances your organization’s reputation. It also helps you to rank higher on search engine rankings.

Monitoring benefits both individuals with disabilities and the companies that use it.

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