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Web Accessibility Training

Protect yourself from legal repercussions and equip your team with the necessary expertise in accessibility requirements, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Stay up-to-date with the latest best practices and gain a thorough understanding of their implementation through our comprehensive web accessibility training programs delivered by industry experts.

Why invest in web accessibility training?
Technology changes every day. It’s easy to see the differences when scrolling apps or websites of yesteryear. Design preferences shift, user experiences are streamlined, and new technologies enable greater accessibility for special-needs users. Just as your company invests in the latest in product development and customer research in order to stay relevant to your users, learning about web accessibility is equally crucial.


Man with hello sign at bottom corner of browser, alongside IAAP certificate and WCAG 2.2 compliant text

Web accessibility helps you to

  • Ensure user satisfaction
  • Keep up to date
  • Serve the widest potential audience
  • Comply with regulation
  • Minimize risk of litigation
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When technologies change,
it sets the bar higher

Each new technology influences changes in the standards and protocols that cater to users with disabilities and special needs. Educating your team will ensure that they are in alliance with the latest requirements, ensuring you are servicing the broadest potential user base, and protecting yourselves from litigation.

One in every five people in the United States lives with a disability. Don’t lose out on this crucial user base by closing the door on them. Adults with disabilities or special needs are shopping online, engaging in website content, and using apps to improve their day-to-day. Welcome every type of user and increase your conversions by prioritizing web accessibility today.

Woman holding phone next to browser displaying three employees hovering over screen. Also displayed accessibility score at 94.47

Teach your teams how to remediate

Web accessibility training helps educate your employees in using our accessibility tools best for you on the road to compliance. The EqualWeb services range from our simple DIY web remediation tools to custom audits and personalized consulting. Our team of web accessibility expert trainers are here to provide a customized solution specifically for your organization.

  • Security and laptop icon

    Full compliance

    Embark on the road to full compliance.
  • Browser icon

    Stay up to date

    Stay up to date with the latest regulations.
  • Team icon

    Teams involved

    Include a variety of teams involved in digital properties and customer service.
  • Man in wheelchair icon

    Accessibility solutions

    Implement accessibility solutions code yourself.
  • Cloud and servers icon

    Back-end solution

    Work with EqualWeb`s one-line-of-code back-end solution.
  • Document icon

    Long-term strategic

    Determine a long-term strategic plan for accessibility.
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Who participates in training?

  • Strategy and marketing
  • Web developers
  • Content and editorial
  • UI/UX design
  • Web masters
  • Legal and compliance
  • Product development

What you get

  • Customized training
  • Various levels of instructions for different levels of knowledge
  • Tailored programs for your accessibility needs
  • Highlights of ADA, WCAG 2.2, Section 508 standards
  • Options for doing the remediation in-house
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Want to do the remediation yourself?

With EqualWeb`s semi-automatic widget, there is no need to change your entire source code on the back-end.
Together with our expert training team, we save you time and by implementing just one line of code - and we`ll take it from there.
Our team of expert engineers has spent years developing this extensive tool, based on real feedback from people with disabilities and special needs.
Learn to operate and control the system in-house, keeping all of your original source code - all you need is to embed one simple line!

SOLUTION In-house manual implementation Automated AI powered
accessibility solution
Automated AI powered
accessibility solution
Customize with manual remediation
DESCRIPTION Receive a detailed accessibility report for your engineers to make individual changes to your site back-end Insert one line of code, and we do the rest, including ongoing updates! Insert one line of code, and we do the rest, including ongoing updates!
(up to 3 days)
Up to 80%
(up to 3 days)
MANUAL FIXING % 100% 0% 20%
COMPLIANCE LEVEL 80%-100% Up to 80% 95%-100%
TIME TO FULL IMPLEMENTATION 3-12 months Up to 3 days Up to 30 days
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