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EqualWeb offers the best web accessibility enhancement tools in the market, and the Web Accessibility Monitor is the company's reliable and pioneering solution. Scan your entire website with a robust technological tool that finds all accessibility issues and guides you on how to fix them.

The Monitor is used for periodic scanning and auditing of your website and helps in detecting web accessibility errors and compliance violations against WCAG 2.2 Level AA guidelines.

When the scan is over, an evaluation report is issued with comprehensive details and guidelines to help you fix your accessibility issues. The reports can be saved for regulatory purposes and safeguard you from ADA-related claims.

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Always remain accessible,even when updating your website

Remember, web accessibility is not just about the present; it is an ongoing effort to ensure your website meets the latest web accessibility requirements and that you never lose your compliance levels. To remain accessible year-round we at EqualWeb recommend using the Monitor periodically to ensure you maintain your hard-earned accessibility standards.

As new content, new designs, and modifications occur on a website, the new areas may need to be optimized for accessibility. In order to maintain your website standards and remain welcoming to everyone, EqualWeb offers a limitless monitoring option so you can always remain accessible.

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Get your accessibility score

What's so effective and user-friendly about EqualWeb's Monitor is that it issues an overall accessibility score of your website. As long as your score is high you know that you are legally covered and the website meets the highest accessibility standards, not losing any potential user with disabilities due to inaccessibility. The Monitor tests your website against the highest ADA & WCAG 2.2 standards, as well as other regulatory requirements worldwide. The score will also present the difference between your website with web accessibility enhancement tools and without.

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Validate your website against ADA & WCAG 2.2 standards

The Monitor tests your website against global regulatory standards for accessibility and compliance. Find out which laws apply to your website below.

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The Monitor plan for you

Accessibility Monitor up to 100 pages




Unlimited scans at fixed price
Accessibility Monitor up to 1000 pages




Unlimited scans at fixed price
Accessibility Monitor up to 10,000 pages




Unlimited scans at fixed price
Accessibility Monitor up to 100,000 pages




Unlimited scans at fixed price
Accessibility Monitor tailored to specific needs
Unlimited scans at fixed price

Web Accessibility Monitor plans

All of the Monitor plans include the following features:

  • Unlimited scans
  • Periodic scan scheduling
  • Saved last 3 scans
  • Ongoing accessibility maintenance
  • ADA & WCAG 2.2 validation standards
  • Evaluation report with website score
  • Comparison with/without accessibility tools
  • Online dashboard
  • Custom XML sitemap scanning
  • Alt Text editor
  • Technical support
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The Monitor solution

EqualWeb's Monitor scans your website domain to uncover any possible issues that may hinder accessibility or result in a violation risk for your organization. Prior to launching a scan, you may set your preferences according to number of pages, accessibility standard (WCAG 2.0/2.2/etc.), and more.

According to your chosen plan, scans may be scheduled to monitor any changes to content, code, and user experience that could pose potential accessibility obstacles to users. In addition, the Monitor keeps track of existing rules, regulations, and technological advances regarding accessibility so that you maintain compliance all year round.

For EqualWeb customers who use the Auto AI Accessibility Widget, fixes made by using the Monitor will be integrated with your Auto AI so you remain accessible even as you add new content to your website.

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Easily schedule your scanning

Whether you are a web owner, developer, designer, or manager, the Monitor is a powerful and robust auditing tool designed with intuitive effectiveness in mind. With scheduled scans, it guarantees your website maintains top-notch accessibility levels even during updates and changes. Elevate your online presence and effortlessly optimize accessibility with the Monitor. Get it now and experience the transformation it brings to your digital landscape.

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Join a remediation plan for ongoing accessibility maintenance

At EqualWeb, we know that you have a broad audience of users from all backgrounds and abilities. Our job is to ensure that your digital properties can reach every single one of them. We have developed our technology and expertise to support you in reaching all of your clients without barriers or difficulties.

For this reason, we strongly recommend you join one of our compliance plans to achieve web accessibility. All of our plans include the use of the Monitor when auditing and remediating your website against the highest Level AA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.2) Success Criteria. You may begin by trying out our Auto AI Accessibility Widget plan that offers the most affordable prices in the market and a free 7 days trial.

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Have more questions? Let us guide you through.

If you wish to learn more about the Web Accessibility Crawler, we highly recommend scheduling a meeting with an expert who will demonstrate how it works.

Meet our happy clients

“ADA compliance was definitely a factor with our decision to choose EqualWeb.
In today’s digital landscape, meeting ADA laws that cater to customers with disabilities has become crucial for businesses. EqualWeb understands this need completely, which is why tens of thousands of companies, ranging from Fortune 500 firms to small businesses, trust us to remediate their websites against the highest and most up-to-date international digital accessibility standards. We are honored to partner with companies like Motor Bookstore, who prioritize smart solutions that are not only cost-effective but also ensure inclusivity for all.
Michael Hornok, CEO of Motor Bookstore
Michael Hornok

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“I think everybody should provide [the EqualWeb] functionality to their websites.
Nuwber, after an extensive search for the best web accessibility solution, found that EqualWeb stood out as the top choice for website remediation. We are thrilled to offer our premier web accessibility services to fulfill Nuwber’s accessibility and compliance needs. At EqualWeb, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of service to our clients and are grateful for their trust and support. Our commitment to exceptional accessibility solutions is exemplified by our loyal customers. Take a moment to hear the warm testimonial that Nuwber graciously shared with us.
Eugene Kirdzei, CTO of Nuwber
Eugene Kirdzei

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“I have to say that the EqualWeb team has been one of the best partners for Lenovo.
EqualWeb is delighted to cooperate with the world’s leading PC company, Lenovo. We take great pride in providing top-notch web accessibility solutions for Lenovo’s platforms. With Lenovo joining our esteemed list of loyal clients, we are grateful for their trust and support. We also extend our gratitude to Salo for her kind remarks, which attest to our strong partnership. Our collaboration with Lenovo reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional accessibility solutions.
Hanna Salo, Senior Manager of the E-Commerce Business Unit, at Lenovo
Hanna Salo

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