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Web Accessibility is EqualWeb
EqualWeb is trusted and used by industry-leading companies. From fortune 500s to Non-profits, we’ve got you covered!
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Enterprise-Level Web Accessibility


EqualWeb offers tailor-made web accessibility solutions for every company, at every stage of growth, with any variety of needs. By joining our enterprise program we will help you fully meet ADA and WCAG 2.1 standards via our cutting-edge AI technology and manual remediation expertise.
We have a growing roster of international brands that have entered our enterprise plan and trust us to deliver accessibility and compliance services. We proudly achieve these demands, always with a smile on our face and an eagerness to provide the best accessibility solutions in the market.
Become an enterprise member today and enjoy a plethora of accessibility solutions, services, and consultations, including VPAT reports, monitoring scans, and more—all to maintain the highest accessibility standards and compliance with the law.
And the best part—we do all the work for you!


Our accessibility products are trusted by clients from a variety of industries globally and locally. EqualWeb crafts accessibility solutions for sectors ranging from tech and travel to eCommerce and insurance; media and hospitality to home and healthcare. Your WCAG 2.1 and ADA accessibility compliance is our top priority.
Enterprise SLA
Our service matches your brand’s needs. Your enterprise benefits from a dedicated project manager, phone and email support, and the fastest response time for our partners.
Highest Security Standards
Adding JS scripts to your site could be a disaster. With EqualWeb, we take extra care with every installation.
Install On-Prem or Cloud
Depending on your infrastructure, we`ll install our accessibility solution directly onto your servers, or in a secure cloud.
Monitoring and Reporting
Our relationship with you is ongoing. We continuously monitor your digital assets, and provide you with monthly reports. Update and scale your accessibility as your organization grows.
Scale up your compliance with a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, expanding your potential client base to include government contracts.
Our goal is your compliance, and we stand by our promise. We guarantee $1,000,000 coverage for potential ADA lawsuits.
Yes, we’re that confident.

Accessibility For Every Asset And Every User

Ensure that every digital asset becomes and remains accessible as your business grows
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What our happy clients say

We wanted all our apartment websites to be accessible to people with disabilities and meet all Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1). After reviewing half a dozen other services, we chose EqualWeb. Their responsive customer service, cost-effective solutions, and fast implementation process made it possible for our company to add their accessibility widget on all our apartment websites in only a few weeks. We highly recommend their services. Thank you, EqualWeb.

Best Regards, Windell Mollenido | Director of Marketing

After a comprehensive search of accessibility providers and meetings with several suppliers, we decided to choose EqualWeb. We have been working with EqualWeb for 3 years.
Every innovation development project, EqualWeb do the accessibility work for Super Pharm sites. The accessibility work is always done in a professional and courteous manner.
Thank you for your wonderful service and for future collaborations
Michael Mitrani

We tried making adjustments to the site’s original code to become ADA compliant. We encountered many difficulties and long timetables and high expenses. We searched for other options and found EqualWeb, The Site`s accessibility process was carried out quickly and with great success, and within a few days our sites were completely accessible. We highly recommend Equalweb Digital Accessibility!

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The websites were Accessible quickly, smoothly and efficiently and without involving other factors. We found “Equal Web” staff to be professional, courteous, patient and attentive staff. We continue to enjoy the company`s services and hope to continue together in additional projects to reach ADA compliant, Thank you for everything

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We would like to thank “Equal Web” for their generous contribution in making our website accessible. EqualWeb worked with dedication, courtesy and fair service all along to make our website WCAG 2.1 compliant. There is no doubt that their work is worthy of appreciation. We are pleased with our choice and thank them for their dedicated care and excellent work, as well as for their great contribution.

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Our company sought a professional web accessibility firm to take upon itself our complex project of three tourism sites, within a short period of time & without any interference to the original site code. We chose Equal Web. The work was professional, the service was excellent, the team is professional. We continue to get our accessibility services from Equal Web so our website is always up to date.

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On behalf of myself and the "One from Nine" Association, I thank you very much for your valuable contribution to making the organization`s site more accessible during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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We looked for a leading supplier to make WCAG 2.1 ,ADA compliant adjustments to our websites and we chose Equalweb Digital Accessibility. Without the need for any changes to the website or adjustments by the programmers. We received a fully accessible site in a month and we are very satisfied with the ongoing services, Thank you EqualWeb

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The Estée Lauder Group of Companies has 4 large brand E-Commerce sites: Bobbi Brown, MAC, CLINIQUE, Estee Lauder. we checked a lot of companies and selected Equal Web to lead the accessibility project to all of the company`s web sites. The accessibility project was carried out in the most comprehensive and professional manner with EqualWeb`s solutions

More Details

After numerous checks with different accessibility providers, we decided to work with Equal Web. The work was done professionally, in a very short time frame our website become Fully ADA compliant. We continue to get our services “Equal Web” so that the accessibility systems are on our websites and keep the sites accessible over time.

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Partner is a communication group in ownership of many internet sites, a fact which poses a challenge when selecting accessibility solution. We examined the existing solutions in the market, with emphasis on quality, visibility, speed of development, operation and price, we chose Equal Web. The process was smooth, fast, and we realized we have made a smart choice.

More Details

As an integral part of the importance of the accessibility issue and ADA compliance in the central company group, we chose EqualWeb digital Accessibility solutions to lead the Accessibility Project for more than 30 websites Thank you for a well-done job! We highly recommend Equalweb digital Accessibility

More Details

After examining a number of companies, we chose EqualWeb, in order to make some of our digital assets accessible. Equal Web carried out the work of Accessibility in a comprehensive and professional manner, without interference in the site’s source code. Moreover, "Equal Web" performed all the repairs that were requested by an external access specialist quickly, efficiently and without additional charge.

More Details

We chose Equal Web after checking many Accessibility providers, to lead the entire company’s websites accessibility project. We are very satisfied with our choice and continuing to work with EqualWeb to maintain and keep our websites WCAG compliant. We are pleased to have chosen Equal Web company to lead the web accessibility project for all our websites

More Details

After a month of independent development and the programmers` inability to deal with the new law and WCAG 2.1 Requirements. The alternatives in the market were lacking in cost-effectiveness configurations and then through another supplier I was exposed to Equal Web. I understood that this is the winning horse for making all of our websites ADA compliant.

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Early stage start-up or non-profit?
We work with you to ensure digital compliance across all properties as your business grows, no matter how complex.
Exceptional Service
From auditing to consulting, from design to coding, we are here to ensure your brand is compliant, every step of the way.
Customer Support
Our partners are available to you 24/7 to assist you in every area of digital accessibility.

Data Protection

Just as we care for the accessibility of your customers, we ensure as a top priority that the data you provide us is kept safe.
At EqualWeb, we care about the privacy of our customer’s data. As a result, we are deeply engaged in taking the utmost in security measures to ensure the confidentiality of your digital properties and data.
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