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Web Accessibility scan and Crawler

Welcome to the latest web accessibility enhancement tool that will change the online accessibility market as we know it.

The EqualWeb Web Accessibility Crawler is easy to use, fast, applicable on web pages that were previously inaccessible to scan, or at least more complicated to scan, and issues a comprehensively detailed evaluation report with instructions on how to fix accessibility errors.

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Web Accessibility Crawler

Crawling behind login
and password pages

A chief benefit of the Web Accessibility Crawler is that it can scan web pages behind login and password screens. Normally, websites that require login information would raise complexities in the auditing and testing process that would slap hurdles on the fluidity of the scan.

Due to the smart crawling technology that the Crawler is based on, it can run its scan fluidly through the web pages. If you run into a page that requires login information, just enter your login and password and resume the crawling process. Doesn’t get simpler than that. This is a first-rate, first-of-its-kind solution that will make the maintenance of websites’ accessibility and compliance standards much more effective.
Web Accessibility Crawler

How does the Crawler work?

In the first step, install the Crawler extension on your Google Chrome browser. Next, enter the website URL that you wish to audit for accessibility validation. Now activate the Crawler plugin at the top of your Chrome browser.
If web accessibility enhancement tools exist on the website it is not a problem at all, the Crawler can scan the website with the tools or without them, according to your preference.
After choosing your preferences, simply hit the “Start scan” button and let the scanning begin. The mechanism is instant, and you can see in real-time the pages that are being processed. The Crawler crawls through the pages via its links, quickly identifying and auditing accessibility issues. The results will start popping up on a visual evaluation report at the side of the screen. Once the scanning is finished, you can access the full report according to your subscription plan. The accessibility report will guide you on how to fix the accessibility errors on the website in a detailed, precise, and friendly format.

The Crawler features

  • Scans behind login and password pages
  • Real-time scanning
  • Unlimited domains
  • Fast and effective
  • WCAG 2.1 AA level validation
  • Light software
  • History of scans
  • Evaluation report & compliance score
  • Anyone can use it
  • Maintain web accessibility
The Crawler features

Why EqualWeb Crawler?

The Crawler is easy and intuitive to use and saves all your scanning history under the “My scans” tab.
Note that the Crawler tests your website against the highest and latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA guidelines and Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.
The scanning tool will assist your organization in achieving and maintaining web accessibility standards, opening your website doors to all people, regardless of ability or disability, and protecting you from potential ADA lawsuits.

Changing the web accessibility auditing field as we know it

The EqualWeb Crawler is a real-time accessibility monitoring tool for WCAG 2.1 validation that scans entire websites. It is the ONLY accessibility evaluation tool in the market that can scan behind login and password web pages.
Up until now, if you wanted to scan your website for accessibility issues, you basically had two options: (1) use free tools that are restricted to scanning one page at a time; and (2) outsource the scanning process to web accessibility solution vendors, a process that could take several days and reach significant sums of money—depending on the complexity of the website.
The EqualWeb Crawler solves this problem by bringing the auditing solution straight to your browser at home or the office. In just a few minutes of scanning, the Crawler completes a thorough accessibility evaluation report, with a compliance score, to be used at the organization’s discretion or for regulatory purposes.

Use the Crawler for unlimited domain scans and for maintaining 100% compliance status all year round.

Crawler evaluation report

A full report with your overall compliance score is available when the scanning process is complete. The evaluation report breaks down the total errors on your site, in accordance with the latest accessibility standards, and the total errors that need fixing.
The report further displays in detail all the guidelines of WCAG 2.1 that were met or yet require fixing.
Your organization could of course decide to fix these issues on its own. But if you wish for assistance—which is highly recommended as accessibility remediation requires vast knowledge and expertise—our accessibility experts can remediate the website for you.
With the advanced remediation system developed by EqualWeb, our experts can scale the accessibility fixes and address all kinds of issues that may persist on the website—such as compatibility with screen readers and other assistance tools, keyboard navigation, access to the programming language, and more.
EqualWeb provides you with this impeccable service all year round, complementing our automated technologies.
Crawler evaluation report

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