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“ADA compliance was definitely a factor with our decision to choose EqualWeb.
In today’s digital landscape, meeting ADA laws that cater to customers with disabilities has become crucial for businesses. EqualWeb understands this need completely, which is why tens of thousands of companies, ranging from Fortune 500 firms to small businesses, trust us to remediate their websites against the highest and most up-to-date international digital accessibility standards. We are honored to partner with companies like Motor Bookstore, who prioritize smart solutions that are not only cost-effective but also ensure inclusivity for all.
Michael Hornok, CEO of Motor Bookstore
Michael Hornok

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“I think everybody should provide [the EqualWeb] functionality to their websites.
Nuwber, after an extensive search for the best web accessibility solution, found that EqualWeb stood out as the top choice for website remediation. We are thrilled to offer our premier web accessibility services to fulfill Nuwber’s accessibility and compliance needs. At EqualWeb, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of service to our clients and are grateful for their trust and support. Our commitment to exceptional accessibility solutions is exemplified by our loyal customers. Take a moment to hear the warm testimonial that Nuwber graciously shared with us.
Eugene Kirdzei, CTO of Nuwber
Eugene Kirdzei

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“I have to say that the EqualWeb team has been one of the best partners for Lenovo.
EqualWeb is delighted to cooperate with the world’s leading PC company, Lenovo. We take great pride in providing top-notch web accessibility solutions for Lenovo’s platforms. With Lenovo joining our esteemed list of loyal clients, we are grateful for their trust and support. We also extend our gratitude to Salo for her kind remarks, which attest to our strong partnership. Our collaboration with Lenovo reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional accessibility solutions.
Hanna Salo, Senior Manager of the E-Commerce Business Unit, at Lenovo
Hanna Salo

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