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Web Accessibility is EqualWeb
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Full Stack Developer

Looking for a full stack developer role where you can write great code AND make a difference to the world?
EqualWeb helps companies design and enhance their digital systems - including websites, web applications, software, and hardware - so they are usable by people with disabilities. EqualWeb flagship product offering, AMP (Accessibility Management Platform), is the industry standard for managing accessibility.
Our team is responsible for the development, operations and security of the AMP platform, as well as associated technologies like browser extensions and integrated development tools. We are growing out our engineering talent to support the growth of the platform, and are looking for developers who are strong in HTML5, CSS and Javascript.
  • Participate actively in Scrum. Work with Product Management and QA daily to flesh out stories and track your commitments.
  • Improve accessibility. We work hard to deliver accessible solutions and enhance libraries we rely on for accessibility, too.
  • Collaborate. We have internal and external clients with different needs. We expect team members to reach out and build relationships inside the company to better understand our market.
  • Learn. We expect team members to keep up to date on new technologies, standards, and industry trends so we can continue to be market leaders.
  • 3+ years of extensive experience with HTML5 and CSS
  • 3+ years of extensive experience with ASP.NET or NODE.JS
  • 3+ years of extensive experience with MySQL, or similar
  • 3+ years of experience with JavaScript and jQuery
  • Experience with Web Application Security / OWASP best practices.
  • Experience with accessible web design including Section 508 and WCAG
  • Self-Starter - Looking for candidates who can jump in quickly and take ownership of features.
  • Ability to see big picture: we`re a collaborative small team and expect you to see the big picture, and proactively anticipate problems, interact with other departments and clients, and come up with solutions.
Application Process: This is a full-time, salaried position with benefits package.
If working on a small team of high impact developers sounds like something you`d enjoy, send us your resume and cover letter.
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