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“Web Accessibility” or “Web Compliance”? EqualWeb clears things up

May 19, 2021
Nowadays, not only the access to digital content has become a part of our daily lives, it has been also stated as a fundamental right. Not being able to access the Internet for disability reasons is simply a factor of discrimination, even a social and professional exclusion!
In that matter, the worldwide-known Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (or WCAG), ensure that all companies follow its strict Standards that meet the needs of individuals, organizations, and governments internationally.
How do these companies manage to comply with the Accessibility regulations?
The Web Accessibility market offers several options for small to big companies that do not have the knowledge, nor the time, to deal with cumbersome, strict and intricate accessibility laws. Needless to say that Digital Accessibility requires savvy specialized experts or the appropriate tools to deal with the Web Accessibility rules./
To help them, Accessibility provider companies have been offering different levels of Web accessibility through different Plugin IA widgets. But Web accessibility cannot be improvised and leaves no room for the roughly or start-ups surfing on a niche. That’s why lawyers, web-specialized journalists and sometimes Website’s end-users complain about non-functional accessibility Plugins.

How to sort between all the Accessibility Widgets available on the market?/
What to do to be compliant and on the safe side legally speaking?
When it comes to Compliance, especially in the US where the law is strict* and uncompromising, you are 100% compliant or you are not. It is as simple as that.

EqualWeb, as a world leader and a pioneer in web accessibility, knows all about web accessibility. The company is proud to offer different Compliant Automated Digital Accessibility AI Widget to small and Enterprises companies. Through its cutting-edge technology, EqualWeb is among the few companies that can claim to offer full compliance in regards to the laws and regulations of the ADA, the Section 508 and the WCAG 2.1 AA.

Based on its Accessibility proven expertise, EqualWeb developed an Accessibility Compliance Premium Plan, genuinely its flagship program: an Ai driven widget combined with manual adjustments and testing, applicable to any websites, private or public, big or small; it is easy to use and truly meets all international accessibility standards. Its Accessibility experts manually remediate the remaining issues left by the Automatic AI widget, so no accessibility errors are left unresolved, such as missing text content, contrast errors, keyboard traps, etc.

In addition to Web accessibility full Compliance, EqualWeb’s Monitoring service and its Dashboard allow the Website owners to monitor the accessibility status of their websites, so they master their accessibility level, in a transparent and independent way.
EqualWeb continuously updates its tools with the latest accessibility features in order to fulfill the strictest and the ongoing changing criteria of the WCAG. These updates are automatically applied to its clients’ sites. With EqualWeb, you can rest assured that installing our widget means your site always stays aligned with the latest accessibility requirements, for a full compliance.

As a result, EqualWeb is proud to promise ADA compliance to companies that rely on the company, for a real peace of mind in regards to the law. This compliance ensures that every industry, including government & public sector, education, hospitality, banking & financial, healthcare, consumer & retail, IT & security and more, can benefit from providing their users with the most powerful accessibility tools available in the marketplace today.
To read more about EqualWeb Compliance and products click the accessibility pricing.

• Nationwide ADA Federal lawsuit in 2020 passed the 11,000 marks for the first time.
• Average settlement fee 30,000$
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