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EqualWeb Expert Review: Hosting Expert

May 15, 2022


I might have overwhelmed you with all this information. But, if the question is, would I recommend EqualWeb, the answer would be yes. You can benefit from a wide-ranging offer, with suitable solutions and pricing for different problems, preferences, and budgets.

Using EqualWeb, you can achieve ADA compliance, Section 508 compliance, WCAG 2.1 compliance, AODA compliance, ACA compliance, Unruh compliance, EN 301549 compliance, and IS 5568 compliance. Furthermore, the solution caters to a wide range of disabilities, diseases, and various disorders.

It works with all cross-platform, including the most popular CMSs worldwide. The best part is, the installs come with a single line of code. Going on, the company combines automated solutions with human inputs; therefore, it can deliver 100% compliance. As a customer, you can benefit from quick installs and affordable prices. Furthermore, you can rest assured, EqualWeb will not harm your site performance but take privacy and security into consideration.

Last but not least, you can test out the solution for seven days, with no strings attached.

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Bruno Mirchevski

Hosting Expert


ADA Compliance Software

09/04/2024 13:33:37

In the fast-paced digital landscape of today, ensuring accessibility for all users is not just a competitive aspect of the market but a legal necessity. With the rise in lawsuits related to website accessibility, businesses and website owners are increasingly finding themselves under scrutiny for non-compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, navigating the complexities of ADA compliance can be daunting and time-consuming, often diverting attention from core business activities. Enter EqualWeb`s automatic AI-powered accessibility software – a game-changer in simplifying the process and alleviating one major worry for businessmen and website owners alike.

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In 2004, Italy introduced a groundbreaking piece of legislation known as the Legge Stanca, or Law 4/2004. This legislation, also referred to as the Stanca Act, established a set of guidelines for ensuring the accessibility of websites and mobile applications for people with disabilities. Italy has recently expanded its accessibility law to apply to large private entities, which establishes the Stanca Law even more as a significant force in promoting digital inclusion in the boot-shaped peninsula.

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What are the new guidelines of WCAG 2.2? How can you ensure your website is still accessible and compliant with the new updates? What does EqualWeb cover from the WCAG 2.2 requirements and what it does not? What has changed from WCAG 2.2 and what remained the same? We compiled all the answers in the following article.

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