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Ucraft Website Accessibility Widget

The past few years have brought great awareness to the importance of creating an accessible website. While the process seems close to impossible, at EqualWeb we make it happen. Using the EqualWeb`s Ucraft Accessibility tool bar is a great way to add features (visible or not) that will help every user get the most out of your website.
EqualWeb`s solution adds ARIA attributes, improves keyboard navigation of various elements, and goes above and beyond with user options for underlining or highlighting links, gray scale images, changing fonts and more.

Ucraft is an amazing platform, however, an accessible web site is your responsibility and Ucraft platform is not going to do it for you!
There are many Ucraft accessibility tools and widgets that you can use.
But you should be aware:
  • ALL the FREE Ucraft accessibility tools and widgets will not transform your website a 100% compliant with the accessibility regulations: WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508 and EN 301549. They will improve your accessibility score, but you will not reach 100% compliance with any of them.
  • Also paid Ucraft accessibility widgets, without any manual remediation, won`t give you 100% cover and full ADA compliance.
If you want to reach 100% ADA compliance and really transform your website accessible and welcoming to all people with disabilities, you need a paid Ucraft accessibility widget that can offer also manual adjustments in the widget platform so you could fix all the accessibility issues on your website.

Making a Ucraft website 100% accessible and compliant can be really easy when using EqualWeb solutions and services. The only thing you are required to do is insert our one line JS script and we will do the rest!

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