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magento LOGOEnhance the accessibility and compliance of your Magento 2 website with EqualWeb!
Installing EqualWeb on your Magento 2 website is a simple process that can greatly improve its accessibility and ensure compliance. With our solutions and services, you can create an inclusive digital experience for all users.

To install EqualWeb on your Magento 2 website, follow these steps:

1. Change Equalweb`s code file name from –""
to: ""

2. Create default.xml at app\code\[Vendor]\[Module]\view\frontend\layout\default.xml
And paste the following code inside:
Code paste screenshot at Magento platform 

3. Make sure to change the values for Vendor, Module and website name.

4. Place Equalweb`s code file at app

5. Run setup upgrade and setup:static-content:deploy command.
Congratulations! By installing EqualWeb on your AppDrag website, you have taken an important step towards improving its compliance and accessibility. Your website is now equipped with the powerful features of EqualWeb, ensuring a more inclusive digital experience for all users.
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