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HTML Website Accessibility Widget

html ICONBy following these steps, you can manually install EqualWeb on your website, even if there is no specific platform or CMS in place. This allows you to enhance the accessibility and compliance of your website, providing an inclusive digital experience for all users.

Installing EqualWeb on a website that does not have a specific platform or CMS, or on a system that doesn`t have an installation guide, requires a slightly different approach.

Here`s how you can proceed:

1. In order to embed our code in a system that doesn`t have an installation guide, all you need to look for is the place where you put your JavaScript code.
2. Embed EqualWeb code above the  bodytag2  tag on all of the site pages
3. In case that you have inner iFrames on your website, you should implement the code in there as well.
Equalweb Widget accessibility JS code screenshot
Great! With EqualWeb now implemented on your website, you have taken a significant step towards enhancing its accessibility and ensuring compliance. Users of all abilities will have a more inclusive digital experience, thanks to the powerful accessibility features provided by EqualWeb.
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