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Google Tag Manager

EqualWeb code implementation for Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager LOGO

1. Login to your user at Google Tag Manager.
2.  In the side menu, click the option "Tags".
Google Tag Manager 
3. Click on the "New" button, and choose the first option – "Tag configuration".
Google Tag Manager 
4. Select the option "Custom HTML" that`s located at the bottom of the tags section.
Google Tag Manager 
5.  Edit the tag name to – "EqualWeb".
6.  Paste our accessibility code inside.
Google Tag Manager 
 7. Click the "Triggering" button that`s located below the code area, in the new window that appeared, select the option "All pages". This selection will bring you back to the previous screen
Google Tag Manager
8. Click the "save" button and save your tag.
Google Tag Manager 
9. After the tag has been saved, go to the main page of your user, and click the "submit" button (top right of the screen).
 Google Tag Manager
10. At the new screen that`s loaded, at the "Version name" section, Enter "EqualWeb Added", and click the "publish" button at the top right corner.
Google Tag Manager 
 And we are done, EqualWeb system should now be implemented on your website.
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