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Konimbo Website Accessibility Widget

KonimBO LOGOEnhance the accessibility and compliance of your Konimbo website with EqualWeb!
Installing EqualWeb on your Konimbo website is a simple process that can significantly improve its accessibility and ensure compliance. With our solutions and services, you can create an inclusive digital experience for all users.
To install EqualWeb on your Konimbo website, follow these steps:

1. Log in to the store interface, click on Hybrid.
Screenshot from Konimbo Log-in to the store interface, click on Hybrid 
2.  Paste the JS  code in body_html, When done, click on the "Save" button.
Screenshot from Konimbo-Paste the JS  code in body_html, When done 
3. Once the plugin is installed you will see the accessibility button in mobile and desktop.

4.  we are done, EqualWeb system should now be implemented on your website and
up to 10 minutes in the main domain.
Congratulations! By installing EqualWeb on your Konimbo website, you have taken an important step towards improving its compliance and accessibility. Your website is now equipped with the powerful features of EqualWeb, ensuring a more inclusive digital experience for all users.
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