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B2B Marketing Expo 2019 California

Oct 2, 2019
B2B Marketing Expo 2019, the only marketing event you need to attend in California!
An incredible 300 suppliers providing all the latest technologies, strategies and breakthroughs that are transforming our performance as marketers, while also gaining invaluable advice from the teams behind some of the world’s biggest and most successful brands!
We were very happy to take part in this amazing event and to show how our new AI technology can transform any website accessible, and meets all international accessibility standards, The WCAG 2.1 AA, US- ADA section 508, EN 301549.
We were very proud to share the stage with the likes of Nike, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Social Chain and PWC, and have access to a full program of expert-led masterclasses.
 B2B Marketing Expo 2019 California 

Closed captions for videos and audio content enable people with hearing impairments to understand the content. EqualWeb has become the first web accessibility vendor to provide a video and audio closed captions option for people with disabilities as part of its automatic services.

The unique benefit of the function is that it’s entirely automatic. Moreover, as the website owner, you can modify the automatic generic text if you find a mismatch between the video and the text (the AI may miss a few words here and there), using the Captions Editor in your dashboard.

The closed captions function includes a simple on-and-off activation button, a rating vote for feedback purposes, a new transcription window over the video or audio element, and a captions download option. The captions’ font conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 standards for easily accessible fonts.

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In the web accessibility field we hear a lot about assistive technology. But people without disabilities will be mostly ignorant about what assistive technology actually is, as well as what constitutes assistive technology. So let us break down for you the meaning of assistive technology, how important it is, and what your role, as the providers of goods and services to individuals with impairments, is for compatibility with assistive technologies.

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