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Web Accessibility Audits for Periodic Reports and Compliance Score

August 01, 2022
Why should I audit my website for accessibility issues, you might ask?

Many web owners, developers, and designers are not aware of the strict regulatory demands in regard to accessibility standards that websites are subjected to.

A slew of legislation such as the ADA, Section 508, Unruh, and others require organizations and businesses to remediate their digital assets in order to be welcoming and accessible to people with disabilities who wish to navigate online just like everyone else.

If you are not sure whether your website is accessible or whether it meets regulatory standards, the best way to know where you stand is by auditing your site.

By auditing your website you get to:

Find out if you are protected from lawsuits

  • Find out if you have any ADA violations
  • Find out how accessible your website really is
  • Make better decisions in regards to your digital assets
  • Gauge your existing accessibility tools, if you have any
  • Keep the report for personal use or government requirements
  • Web accessibility audits are a favored tool by many businesses as it provides them with the necessary information regarding their sites. Once they get an accessibility report, they can know how to move forward.

Websites are dynamic, constantly changing, and updating content or designs in order to avoid obsolescence—which is a real concern of many businesses. With many modifications, even websites that feature accessibility functions are not always fully compliant. Standards change, the website code changes, and web developers may not notice that they lose accessibility points as time passes by.

The downside is that audits can be quite expensive. Enterprises with huge websites may pay up to thousands of dollars for a comprehensive accessibility analysis.

However, development company EqualWeb, a specialist in the accessibility, advanced Internet applications, and compliance fields, is offering free audits to everyone.

All one has to do is contact the company here and request a free audit.

Auditing benefits 

EqualWeb’s auditing service does not disrupt or intrude on any code on your website. It performs an external assessment of the accessibility levels on your website without altering any code.

Moreover, it is completely confidential and meets the necessary privacy regulations.

The audit uses the company’s WCAG monitoring technology, to evaluate the accessibility level of the website, demonstrating the accessibility gaps with and without EqualWeb.

Once the analysis is over (the process could take several days), an accurate, practical, and friendly report is sent via email, where one can find his compliance score, accessibility issues, and a list of fixes with instructions on how to remediate the site.

In other words, this web accessibility audit is a real technological gem and can save an organization a significant amount of time, money, and effort.

What is WCAG compliance?

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, or WCAG in short, are the world’s most comprehensive and robust guidelines for making your website accessible to disabled individuals.

WCAG is developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), an international community that comprises member organizations, staff, and the public. W3C concentrates its efforts to standardize the Web, developing protocols and guidelines that ensure the long-term growth of the Internet for all.

EqualWeb’s auditing process scans the website according to the latest 2018 WCAG 2.1 standards, as well as the older, 2.0 version. The latter meets most regulatory demands so your website should be okay if tested accurately against its criteria.

To summarize, web accessibility audits are the perfect tool to get you started on the journey toward full accessibility. It helps you know where you stand, what decisions to make in regard to your digital assets, and how to move forward.

With EqualWeb’s accessibility audit, you will be impressed with the company’s thorough and professional results, as many competitors out there can promise full compliance while not necessarily standing by their words.

Get your free audit now, or contact one of EqualWeb’s accessibility experts for consultation: schedule a meeting.

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