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M-Enabling Summit - Accessible Technologies & Environments

March 09 ,2018
Meet us at the M-Enabling Summit event of Promoting Accessible Technologies and Environments.
June 11 -13, 2018 @ Booth 302.
m-enabling summit
Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel
2800 South Potomac Ave
Arlington, Virginia 22202 USA
Washington, DC
Telephone: 1-703-413-1300
M-Enabling Summit 2018
The M-Enabling Summit has established itself as the leading global conference covering the fast-moving
technology innovations that enable seniors and persons with disabilities to access digital content and services
and interact with their environment in new ways.

The M-Enabling Summit is the ideal venue to support independent living in an interconnected world for seniors and persons with disabilities. With its 2018 theme “Accessible and Assistive Technologies Innovations:
New Frontiers for Independent Living” the Summit offers a platform for technology vendors to promote their
accessible products, services and assistive technologies and to network with accessibility professionals and
organizations seeking to address compliance challenges and market development opportunities. Attendees of
the M-Enabling Summit are decision-makers looking to leverage technological advances in accessibility as an
essential differentiator in gaining a competitive advantage.

In addition, the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) will again be joining the M-Enabling Summit to host technical and organizational training tracks, expanding its reach among accessibility professionals.
The 7th edition of the M-Enabling Summit Global Conference and Showcase will be held on June 11-13, 2018
at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, in Washington, D.C.

Learn, network, and improve the lives of seniors and people with disabilities.

Featured Topics Include:
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for user interface
  • AI and Robotics for Smart Homes
  • Augmented Reality Applications (AR)
  • Aging in Place: Connected Health and Big Data for Activity Monitoring
  • Accessible Security, Identification and Privacy Protection
  • Digital Assistants
  • Autonomous Car and Drone Technologies
  • Consumer Technology Products and IoT for Independent Living


In the Spotlight at the 2018 M-Enabling Summit:
  • Innovation for speech, hearing, visual, mobility and cognitive disabilities
  • Entertainment for Independent Living (TV, gaming, movie theaters and public spaces)
  • Smart Cities for All
  • 5G and connectivity for advanced assistive apps and services
  • Web Accessibility 508 and (WCAG 2.1, Section 508 refresh)
  • Healthy Technology Usage
  • Indoor Navigation
  • IAAP Technical Sessions
  • Inclusive Higher Education
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