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Lenovo Attests to EqualWeb’s No. 1 Accessibility Solution

Nov 1, 2021
EqualWeb has been more than thrilled partnering with the world’s number one PC company, Lenovo, providing it with our cutting-edge accessibility solutions on its websites.
Now, 6 months after working closely together, Lenovo is sharing the experience of what’s it like using our product and services to remove barriers for people with disabilities.

“EqualWeb can assist a company to get from point 0 to 100% compliance in no time,” Senior Manager of Lenovo`s E-Commerce Business Unit, Hanna Salo, says. “The time, money, and resources invested in that was definitely helping us with savings. After enabling EqualWeb on our websites… we’ve had more than 56,000 user activations.

“Working with [EqualWeb] has been exemplary. I really enjoy their positive team spirit and also the response times. I have to say that the EqualWeb team has been one of the best partners for Lenovo,” notes Salo.

We at EqualWeb are proud to have Lenovo on our ever-growing list of loyal clients and are grateful for Salo’s warm remarks.

Our team of accessibility experts, programmers, designers, and consultants has reciprocal appreciation to the people at Lenovo.

Our stride toward an accessible and equal Web for all, providing a seamless and inclusively friendly browsing experience for individuals who need it most, is progressing with every new customer, big or small, becoming more tangible with every passing day.
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