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As a small business owner, where everything falls on my shoulders, it`s terrific to use products that make my life easier and reduce my stress.
When I heard that my website needed to offer accessibility options for my visitors, I researched a few different options.
Based on the robust features of EqualWeb, I decided to try them and see how they looked on my site and how easy it was to use.
The installation was a breeze. I was prompted to customize each aspect of the program and, once completed, was given a snippet of code, which I passed to my website team.
They added the code, without issue, and I was up and running.
The result is pretty spectacular. When you click on the tab, a large array of choices are offered the visitor to enable them to interact with my website, no matter what challenges they have.
I highly recommend EqualWeb to remove the burden of compliance, while adding a beautiful, full-featured addition to your website and business.

Mark K. Owner
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