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EqualWeb releases AI ToolBar version 4.3.9

September 20, 2022
In preparation for the release of WCAG 2.2 in December 2022, EqualWeb has already updated its web accessibility technology to meet the new guidelines, ensuring its clients are ready in advance for future requirements and regulations.

The new Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) under the 2.2 standard have many extra features and EqualWeb has incorporated all of them into its remediation system.

EqualWeb’s AI ToolBar version 4.3.9 includes:

  • An Accessibility Profiles function to allow users with disabilities to adjust the website more easily and efficiently;
  • New lightweight design that makes the website even more intuitive for users, enhancing the performance and browsing experience;
  • Improvements to security and privacy issues.

With the new Accessibility Profiles function that automatically opens with the activation of the accessibility interface, users with disabilities will find it easier to adjust the website’s accessibility features to their particular needs.

Instead of handpicking the adjustments according to each user’s need, now EqualWeb users may choose their accessibility profile that will automatically select the functions that allow for the best compatibility between the website and their needs.

For example, a blind user may select the “Blindness” feature that automatically selects the Screen Reader Adjustment and Image Descriptions functions; a dyslexic user may select the “Dyslexia” feature that automatically selects the Dictionary and Reading Guide functions; and so forth.

Paving the way for an equal web

“We are very happy to add this approach to our impeccable technology. The web accessibility field continues to come up with new solutions for individuals with disabilities, paving the way for an equal and just society that caters to the needs of all,” EqualWeb’s co-CEO Erez Bahat stated. “Following comprehensive research based on preferences of millions of activations across tens of thousands of websites in the United States, our research and development team has designed this new tool that continues to improve the accessibility experience online, removing needless barriers for those who can really benefit from an open and accessible web.”

Prior to the introduction of this new function, EqualWeb has run extensive research on a database of millions of users via its technology that runs on tens of thousands of websites. Web developers and user researchers have created user profiles and tested them on a number of devices. These “persona testings” have assisted in improving the experience of the users, simplifying the adjustment functions menu, and making the browsing experience quicker and seamless.

Accessibility with lightweight interface

The new lightweight design will assist in launching the AI ToolBar faster and allow for faster performance levels. Our goal is to level the online playing field so the browsing and navigation experience of users with disabilities will run as smoothly and with few difficulties as possible in comparison to regular users.

As for regular users, their web page browsing and engagement will not be affected at all as the EqualWeb technology—as always—runs independently from the website. They will not even notice the change.

EqualWeb is happy to lead the way in the web accessibility field, ensuring legal security for its clients and the best accessible avenues for individuals with disabilities, making both the business and social arenas come together to the benefit of each other.

For more information on the EqualWeb technology and solution, click here.

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