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Web Accessibility Report

EqualWeb’s Web Accessibility Evaluation Report is the most comprehensive and detailed report you can find in the market. If you want to know how compliant your website actually is, how many accessibility issues need fixing, and the existing accessibility gaps between your website with and without the EqualWeb technology, this report will deliver these data and more. In addition, we have taken extra measures to ensure the report is friendly for use so you don`t get lost in all the details.

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ADA & WCAG compliance report

Our state-of-the-art monitor scanning technology tests your website against ADA and WCAG 2.2 standards, as well as compliance requirements from other countries such as Canada’s AODA and the European Union’s EN 301549. After we complete the scanning of your website, you will receive a report via email with your accessibility score and all accessibility issues.

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Automatic and specialized scanning

Depending on your purpose, we have all the necessary tools to conduct the most thorough scan of your website. The EqualWeb Monitor is an advanced AI technology that runs through your website for any accessibility issues, testing them against the most up-to-date international accessibility standards and regulations.

The automated feature is not the only tool at our disposal. For a full web accessibility process, we also run a manual check with our certified accessibility experts. The manual scan is no less important than the automated scan. Although many accessibility vendors offer automated audits, we always recommend running the manual scan as well, because as a company that has remediated websites for over a decade now, we know that some accessibility fixes require the human eye.

Once the manual scanning is complete, we use our automated tools again to scan the website, until we are certain that every text, button, image, video, and all the elements on your website are covered. When the process is over, we send an email with a link to your Web Accessibility Evaluation Report.

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Request a website VPAT or ACR report

EqualWeb can assist you in generating a VPAT or an ACR report (they are the same thing, we explain this at our accessibility VPAT page). The report accurately reflects your accessibility status as well as the existing gaps between your website and legislative standards (if they exist). After EqualWeb conducts the VPAT for your organization, it is discreetly yours for use. We at EqualWeb ensure as a top priority the privacy and security of our clients.

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Security and privacy

At EqualWeb, we care about the privacy of our clients. We are deeply focused and engaged in providing the highest levels of security measures to ensure the confidentiality of your digital properties and data.

All of our digital products are designed with the most rigorous standards of security in mind. Our consultants are knowledgeable in the highest privacy standards, ensuring that all conversations, digital data, and proprietary information are kept safe throughout the process.

Moreover, the report is confidential and fully yours to use, for any purpose. You can use the report for internal analysis, the benefit of your clients, or governments that require periodic web accessibility reports.

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