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UserWay vs EqualWeb: revealing the result

The following is a website that was initially remediated by UserWay. After moving to EqualWeb, the website’s manageable errors were fully fixed.

Out of all web accessibility vendors, EqualWeb provides the best solutions in the field of accessibility for businesses of all sizes and needs. EqualWeb can tailor its remediation to the specific needs of a website or scale its remediation via its powerful Auto AI and scanning technology.

Clients ask us all the time about how we differentiate from other web accessibility vendors. Let’s take a look at UserWay and give you a number of reasons why choosing EqualWeb is a smarter business and legal-mitigation decision.


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Better technology

EqualWeb’s products are powerful, reliable, scalable, and lightning-fast. The EqualWeb technology is based on a powerful AI system that can automatically identify and fix accessibility issues on the website. We also use our in-house accessibility experts to manually audit and fix issues to ensure the website meets worldwide compliance laws with our state-of-the-art monitoring and scanning tools.

By choosing EqualWeb you get the #1 technology that secures compliance

Experience builds trust

EqualWeb has been remediating and maintaining accessibility against the highest international standards since 2014. We were the first to offer automatic services and have been scaling and optimizing our array of solutions ever since. By choosing EqualWeb you get a product with years of staunch reputation that speaks for itself.

Friendliest team of experts

The #1 biggest benefit of working with EqualWeb is the vast experience and range of knowledge its teams possess. All of our remediators are IAAP-certified (International Association of Accessibility Professionals), which attests to their professionalism and expertise. If not number one, this comes as a close second: EqualWeb’s human touch. Whether via email, phone, or Zoom, the EqualWeb team is always professional, cordial, and efficient, with a quick response time. Everyone on our team is a strong leader, pushing the company forward as we stride towards an equal web. We keep growing and flourishing with each passing day, as we believe in diversity and know that every new person brings a unique value to the company.

Happy clientele: from Fortune 500 industry leaders to small companies

“Working with [EqualWeb] has been exemplary. I really enjoy their positive team spirit and also the response times. I have to say that the EqualWeb team has been one of the best partners for Lenovo,” Senior Manager of Lenovo’s E-Commerce Business Unit, Hanna Salo. EqualWeb works with governments, enterprises, and small businesses that trust its ability to deliver the most robust remediation and ADA compliance. Among its loyal and satisfied clients: Los Angeles Lakers, Bosch, Huggies, Zara, Avis, Miami Heat, Budget, Guggenheim, ADT, and many many others.

The best accessibility solutions

Let us have a quick look at our tools so you can see why they are better than those that UserWay offers.

The ADA Managed Compliance

The EqualWeb ADA Managed Compliance plan is the only web accessibility solution in the market to fully attain accessibility and compliance levels. Fortune 500s and small businesses alike use this plan to ensure their accessibility levels all year round. The Managed solution is a “hybrid” approach originally developed by EqualWeb, which combines its powerful AI widget and in-house expert remediation (providing fully customizable and tailor-made remediation and auditing). Under the Managed plan you can rest assured that your digital assets are in safe hands, fully conforming to ADA standards and WCAG 2.2 guidelines, unlike any other web accessibility solution offered on the market.

The Auto AI Accessibility Widget

EqualWeb’s Auto AI Accessibility Widget is a powerful interface that is displayed on your web pages. The widget offers sophisticated options for users with disabilities and yet remains simple, friendly, and intuitive for use. With its three main remediating adjustments—Navigation Adjustment, Color Adjustment, and Content Adjustment—the widget offers 32 functions in total, 41 languages, an automatized “Accessibility Profiles” function, and an Accessibility Statement and a Send Feedback feature. The interface runs independently from the website and thus is lightweight and doesn’t affect the browsing experience of regular users. Simply put, there is no faster accessibility widget than the EqualWeb Auto AI Widget.

The Web Accessibility Monitor

When purchasing one of EqualWeb’s remediation plans, our customers receive free usage of the Web Accessibility Monitor. This is the most powerful and scalable scanning tool in the web accessibility market. It can scan large and complex websites fast and comprehensively. It tests the website against ADA standards and WCAG 2.2 Level AA guidelines and enables the periodic maintenance of accessibility and compliance.

The Web Accessibility Crawler

The Web Accessibility Crawler is EqualWeb’s latest web accessibility enhancement tool that will change the online accessibility market as we know it. With a simple activation on your browser from home or the office, the Crawler is easy to use, fast, and can scan behind login and password screens, granting you the power of accessibility auditing at the tip of your fingers. The Crawler also issues a comprehensively detailed evaluation report with instructions on how to fix accessibility errors.

Should you choose EqualWeb or UserWay?

EqualWeb’s Auto AI plan, which is the most popular accessibility solution among our clients, starts with the most competitive price in the market worth $39 per month, including free WCAG 2.2 auditing. Considering the full package that you get by working with EqualWeb, choosing EqualWeb over UserWay seems like the clear-cut decision to us.

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