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Accessible PDFs

The PDF Auto AI Remediation is an AI-powered tool that significantly improves accessibility over non-remediated PDF files, including Alt Text for images and more accurate results for heading levels, reading order, complex lists, links, references, and tables.

Users who use assistive technology, like screen readers or other text-to-speech tools, require a PDF to be structured in order to read it properly and engage with its content. This is achieved by automatically tagging your PDF files with EqualWeb’s AI software. Adding tags enables the identification of a PDF`s elements such as Headings, Tables, Lists, and Paragraphs.

PDF structure tags define the reading order as well as headings, paragraphs, sections, tables, and other page elements. The tags structure also allows documents to be resized and reflowed for viewing at larger sizes and on mobile devices.

Additionally, each paragraph is labeled with language identification to aid content understanding and improve word breaks. The outcome is a tagged PDF. We put immense effort and work into adhering to accessibility standards set by regulations like Section 508 and the international WCAG 2.2 guidelines.

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Familiarize with accessibility before remediating PDFs

Always consider accessibility during the creation of PDF files using a writing application like a word processor or page layout tool. Standard actions within the writing software involve incorporating descriptive text for images, improving table structures, and applying styles or document-structuring features that can be transformed into tags.

For example, when you create fillable forms in PDF, it is advisable to add fillable form fields (Tools -> Accessibility -> Run Form Field Recognition). These fields, which include elements such as buttons, checkboxes, pop-up menus, and text boxes, offer the option to type a description in the Tooltip box in the Properties dialog box for that field. By doing this you would allow screen readers to read aloud this text to users with auditory impairments.

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The remediation guideline for universal PDF access

Let us break down the key principles for making your PDF documents accessible.

  • Properly structuring the document

    Structure the document`s content by using headings, lists, and other semantic elements to create a logical reading order.
  • Providing accessible forms

    Make sure that interactive forms in PDFs can be filled out and submitted by individuals using assistive technologies.
  • Adding alternative text

    Make sure to provide descriptive Alt Text for images, charts, and other non-text elements.
  • Tagging report

    Generate a report that details the tags added, along with any additional work required to make the document accessible.
  • Using accessible fonts and formatting

    Avoid complex fonts or layouts that can be difficult for screen readers and other assistive technologies to interpret.
  • Offering downloadable accessible documents

    Provide accessible alternatives to PDFs for those who may have difficulty with them.
  • Ensuring proper tagging

    Add appropriate tags to elements such as Headings, Lists, Form Fields, and Tables.
  • Regularly testing for accessibility

    Conduct accessibility testing with the help of assistive technologies or accessibility evaluation tools.

How to tag your document

To tag a PDF in Acrobat, choose Tools > Accessibility > Add Tags To Document. This command works on any untagged PDF.

The "Add Tags To Document" command effectively tags typical layouts. Yet, it may struggle to accurately interpret the structure and reading sequence of intricate page components. These components encompass tightly spaced columns, text alignment variations, form fields that can`t be filled, and borderless tables.

Keep in mind that by incorporating tags within Acrobat you enhance the accessibility of PDFs. When a PDF lacks tags, Acrobat will make an automatic attempt to tag it during user reading or reflow, but the outcomes may not meet expectations. In contrast, a tagged PDF enables the logical structure tree to relay content to screen readers or other assistive tools in a well-organized manner.

To tag a document effectively for PDF conversion, you need a writing application with built-in PDF tagging support. During this process, the application utilizes the paragraph styles and other structural details from the original document to construct a logical structure tree. This tree accurately represents the document`s reading order and assigns appropriate tag levels. Such tagging proves invaluable in interpreting intricate layouts like embedded sidebars, closely aligned columns, irregular text placement, and tables. Additionally, this tagging process ensures proper tagging of links, cross-references, bookmarks, and available alternate text within the file.

By incorporating tags within Acrobat you enhance the accessibility of PDFs. Accessibility icons Image of pdf file Image of file By incorporating tags within Acrobat you enhance the accessibility of PDFs.

How to create an accessible PDF document

With AI-powered PDF accessibility tools you can remediate PDF files in no time, taking the following factors into consideration.

  • Conversion accuracy

    Ensure that the conversion made by the PDF accessibility tool is accurate, as errors can lead to accessibility issues.
  • Content structuring

    Identify Headings, Lists, Tables, and other elements so that screen readers can interpret the document correctly.
  • Proper tagging

    Add appropriate tags to the content elements on the document. This will ensure a clear and logical structure to the document.
  • Testing validation

    Test the accessibility of the remediated PDFs against ADA and WCAG 2.2 accessibility standards using real assistive technologies.
  • Language support

    Ensure the AI software supports multiple languages and can accurately process documents in different languages
  • User interface

    Check that the PDF accessibility tool provides a user-friendly interface for users to review and make necessary adjustments.
  • Ongoing maintenance

    Keep the AI remediation tool up to date to ensure it meets evolving accessibility standards and regulations
  • Alt Text

    A PDF accessibility tool should provide the ability to generate alternative text for images and other non-text elements in the document.

PDF remediation workflow

Forms generally exhibit more intricate layouts compared to straightforward, single-column structured documents. The effectiveness of an application in analyzing and tagging a form greatly hinges on the initial formatting and layout of the document, as well as the types of fields utilized.

When creating a form, incorporate headings, guidelines, and fields designated for user input. Ensure each field is provided with a label at the very least. Additionally, include specific instructions for fields that require clarification. Utilize graphic tools to create lines and boxes, steering clear of characters like underscores and vertical bars as they can cause confusion for screen readers.

Image of screen and pdf file

Test remediated PDF files

Once you completed the remediation process, use the tab keyboard button to test the accessibility of the form fields in the remediated PDF document. You can test the tab order of a form by using the commands below:

  • Tab to move focus to the next field
  • Shift+Tab to move focus to the previous field
  • Spacebar to select options
  • Arrow keys to select options or list items
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Fix tagging errors

In cases where the PDF form has existing tags, utilize the Reading Order tool within Acrobat to tag each form field. This tool can also remedy any reading order issues pertaining to the text labels associated with the form fields. For instance, you might need to separate combined lines of fields into distinct individual fields

Image of errors Image of fixed errors Image of errors and fixed errors

Let us take care of your inaccessible PDFs

Instead of executing the remediation process by yourself, which may be complicated if you have no prior digital remediation experience or are not acquainted with the web accessibility requirements, allow us to remediate your documents for you.
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