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The World’s #1 Web Accessibility Solution

Accessibility made easy with our powerful testing tools
Make your website ADA compliant – tailored for every business size!

What Makes us
Different from Others?

The difference
All others
Compliance Compliance with WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508, AODA, EN 301549 and IS 5568 "As closely as possible"
"We aim to adhere"
"Most site pages meet the accessibility criteria"
"Increased compliance"
Pricing Ranging from free to tailored offer.
Price match -20% policy, ensuring you will always get the BEST price.
No warranty
From 490$ to 100,000$ per year
Maintenance Year-round protection No Maintenance!
Warranty Up to $1,000,000 warranty No Warranty!
Security McAfee Secure certification Trusted site certification. SHA 512, Sub resource integrity, ON PREM option, ISO 27001 certified, GDPR-compliant Light security!

Our Customers

EqualWeb is trusted and used by industry-leading companies. From Fortune 500s to non-profits, we`ve got you covered!
Governments, enterprises, and small businesses alike trust us to deliver the most robust remediation and ADA compliance available

The Process

EqualWeb scans your website domain to uncover any possible issues that may hinder accessibility or result in a violation risk for your organization. It`s fully customizable and easily adapts to your website - insert your domain and let`s get started.
Big Data with
crowd-sourced scanning
Data - more than 100,543,679 web pages from more than 50 CMSs made accessible on our platform. Our platform`s database contains more than 1,000,000 accessibility remediation rules.
learning process
Our machine learning algorithms analyzes the data to identify patterns and trends in accessibility issues and learn to predict the remediation labels of new data.
Automatic remediation process powered by AI algorithms
(Auto AI-powered plans)
We analyze your site from the ground up and introduce the accessibility rules that fit your code, content, and style.
This automated process is designed to fix common issues and bring your website up to 95% compliance!
Manual audit and
remediation process performed
by our accessibility experts
(Fully-managed accessibility plans)
In order to reach full compliance, our accessibility experts and QA team (comprised of people with disabilities) review your website and perform a manual audit with the reader software. We then remediate all the issues found.
EqualWeb is the O-N-L-Y accessibility solution that`s backed up to a $1,000,000 warranty!

The best AI Solution in the market

  • Real-time completion for Web Accessibility ADA & WCAG Compliance
  • Start from $39/month, free 7-day trial, include free wcag monitoring
  • Quick 1-minute installation for 24/7 automatic coverage
  • The only company provides Hybrid Solution AI & manually remediates
  • Professional - in-house accessibility experts Customize with manual remediation
  • Benefit - Accessibility statement and certificate of performance

Exclusive accessibility features with EqualWeb`s remediation tool

With our complete set of accessibility tools, EqualWeb helps enhance the browsing experience to best meet users needs, based on their individual disadvantages and preferences.
  • Voice commandsAllowes users to browse the website without the mouse or keyboard, executing commands using the microphone alone.
  • Smart navigationEnables site navigation using numeric keys.
  • Giant tech collaborationsWe collaborate with powerhouses such as Google, Amazon and Oxford to ensure our systems are always at the pinnacle of today`s technology.
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Supported Platforms & CMS

EqualWeb supports ALL cross-platform, using our cutting edge technology based on unique AI algorithms.
We can help you make your website and all your digital content accessible without modifying your code.
Just insert one-line-of-code and we will do the rest!
What Our Happy Clients Say
ADA Compliance
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is the legislative game-changer in the field of web accessibility and Title III in particular. If you want to protect your business or organization from ADA-related lawsuits, making your website accessible is the best option available. The EqualWeb remediation technology helps you to fully reach ADA compliance.
WCAG 2.1 Compliance
Conform to the highest WCAG 2.1 standards with EqualWeb. Our automated and managed plans raise your site’s accessibility levels to the most up-to-date WCAG success criteria, ensuring your website not only meets web accessibility regulatory requirements but remains ahead of the game—providing you with much valuable peace of mind.
Web Accessibility
Web accessibility is more than just meeting regulatory demands. Remediating your website to meet accessibility standards makes your website accessible and inclusive, welcoming to all people regardless of ability, including the 1 billion individuals with disabilities worldwide. Join the roster of reputable accessible businesses—make your website accessible today!
Accessibility Monitor
Use the EqualWeb Accessibility Monitor to keep track of the accessibility level of your website year-round. Ensuring that accessibility issues do not pop up is ultimately the responsibility of the website’s owner. However, with EqualWeb’s highly advanced monitoring tool you can always maintain your accessibility integrity and avoid ADA-related lawsuits.
Accessibility Testing
Want to test your website for accessibility issues? We got you covered. EqualWeb uses its state-of-the-art scanning tool that comprehensively surveys the website’s pages and issues a web accessibility report, detailing all the issues that need fixing and/or remediation. These reports can be used for internal or external purposes.
Accessibility VPAT
Looking for VPAT services? EqualWeb conducts VPAT reports for thousands of businesses, generating specific statements in simple language that meets the Revised 508 Standards. If you need a VPAT report, contact us for more information, or visit our VPAT page to learn more about the subject.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accessibility Analysis
Not sure if your website is ADA compliant?
Have you received a compliance or demand letter? Are you worried you might be at risk?
Submit your request and we’ll analyze your website and send you the results, providing a complete picture as to the regulatory accessibility and compliance of your digital assets.
Free 15 minutes with accessibility specialist - ask me anything, no strings attached